Our vision to LAPSERB

Research & Education

S-MICRAS will become an integral part of surgical mainstream education, thereby raising standards on par with the western European standards.

The wealth of data gathered from S-MICRAS will translate to international presentations and publications, thereby impacting on translational research.


S-MICRAS programme will improve the outcomes of colorectal surgery nationally, thereby improving patient outcomes and also resources that are translated as a result of saving from occupied bed days, intensive care and complications.

    Immersion weeks would involve the following:
  • Introduction to MDT
  • Enhanced recovery and peri-operative care
  • Demonstration and familiarization with operative techniques
    In reach Training would involve:
  • Up to 20 cases under direct supervision in the base hospital
  • Teaching and training of the team with anesthesiologists, radiologists and pathologists
  • Training mapped with real time Global assessment Scores (GAS).

University Diploma

S-MICRAS will provide a streamlined, structured training programme, in association with EARCS and University of Belgrade. This will deliver a University diploma, recognized around the world.

    Pathway for training would include selection of centre and surgeons locally by the Serbian stake holders. Some of the modules planned would encompass:
  • Module 1 - Introduction to surgical oncology
  • Module 2 - Surgical anatomy for Colo-rectal cancers
  • Module 3 – Minimally invasive surgical principles
  • Module 4 – Human factors: Decision making, risk communication, patient safety and health outcomes
    The following tasks would need to be completed in consensus with all the stake holders:
  • MCQ exams
  • Video assessments
  • 2 unedited videos for right and left colon performed by the trainees would be assessed blindly by the faculty using L-CAT forms
  • Final certification and feedback

Infrastructure & resources required by each participating centers

  • Operative tables compatible with Laparoscopy
  • High definition Laparoscopic stack – with a master and slave
  • Laparoscopic instruments – Bowel graspers Johan’s long and short tip/ Endo Babcock / Laparoscopic needle holders
  • Energy sources (Hormonic scalpel / Ligature – 5 mm device)
  • Staplers – Laparoscopic Linear cutter / Echelon or endo GIA
  • Circular stapling devices / CDH 28 – 30
  • Hem-o-lock clips - various sizes
  • Would protectors
  • Patient immobilizers – Bean bag / Lloyd Davies boots
  • Other consumables

Successful completion of the training programme will lead award of
"Diploma in Minimally invasive colorectal surgery"
from EARCS & University of Belgrade.